How to use Sway to integrate with people across the globe?

We live in a cloud-ready world so that we can take action anytime and anywhere. Microsoft Sway is one such app that is a cloud-only addition to the old Office apps. It not only gives you ways to represent your ideas in smart and simple ways but also makes your life easier. With Sway, you can create visually striking presentations, newsletters, and documents in just a few clicks.

While working on Sway you can also work simultaneously on a different range of devices whether they are tablets, laptops, desktops, or your mobile phones. This app is introduced by keeping in mind the need of people for smart, ready-to-use, and simple solutions to achieve their goals in no time. You can put your simple content on a page and tell a story by formatting and animating it with just a few clicks.

You just need a browser and a Microsoft account to authenticate it and install it on your device. After installing it on your device you can experience its services such as “Bing Image Search” feature that helps you to express your ideas using a variety of multimedia.

Choose any of the two following methods to share your sway:

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Using your Microsoft account-

  1. Firstly, you need to sign in with your personal Microsoft account.
  2. Choose the desired Sway file that you want to share.
  3. On the top navigation bar, click “Share”.(Note: you can choose whether you want people to view or edit your Sway)
  4. Send “view” or “edit” link according to your preference.
  5. Now, copy the URL of the file that you see in the box and paste it where you want.
  6. Tap the “share” button again.

(Note: You can edit the preference settings of an author by clicking on the “Reset the Share setting” option that appears under the “More” option).

Using your Organizational account-

There are three permission levels available to share your Sway with the email address of your organizational account.

  • Certain people or groups- Only people or groups who belong to your organization whom you have given the permission will be able to view or edit your Sway. They are required to sign in if they want to open the link that you have shared with them. This will help you keep your crucial information confidential. This is the most secure setting of Sway that one should use to share files.
  • With your colleagues and mates- Only those people at your work or school will be able to open the ink that you have shared with them to view or edit your Sway. They are also required to sign in to see your Sway.
  • Those who have the link- Anyone who has been given the link will be able to view or edit the file. You have to use additional share options to share the link to people other than your colleagues or mates.

To conclude-

Anybody having a Microsoft account is eligible to use Sway. Only the owner of the Sway can change the share level of the account. You can also manage and edit the list of viewers by going to each person’s account and clicking on their profile picture. If you are seeking assistant with any of the Office apps, you can dial our support number and get help 24×7.

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