Your Phone App is now an inseparable part of Windows 10

Is it true? Microsoft’s phone mirroring service is now permanent. Your Phone app becomes an integral part of Windows 10 experience. Now the app is deep rooted into Windows core, so it cannot be uninstalled.

For people don’t have any knowledge of it, let me tell you the move is directly proportional to achieve the life-long objective of Microsoft’s grand ambition of enabling multiple cross-platform experiences for users by mirroring the Smartphone to the PC using Bluetooth. Due to the high dependability of people on computerized devices equipped with advanced Operating System with so many features ready to break the ground in upcoming days, it’s now considered an inseparable feature and the app itself can no longer be removed.

In March, Microsoft introduced a new beta of its Your Phone App for Windows Insiders. The step was taken to epitomize the similar feature enjoyed by iPhone users with MacOS, to effectively boost the overall productivity of the Windows users, making them easily access the content of their phone on your desktop powered by Windows 10. The new service launched by Microsoft has limited compatibility with Samsung Galaxy models with other manufacturers such as Apple iPhone, to expand its popularity in the future.

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Microsoft’s Your Phone App cannot be uninstalled

It is still to see whether the service will gain any traction in the near future within the Windows community. Microsoft is reluctant on considering it as an inseparable part of Windows 10 experience and unambiguously, stated that it cannot be uninstalled.

The application is now fused into Windows 10 to give a more stable platform for multiple cross-device experiences today and tomorrow. The reason behind enforcing the integration of app with Windows 10 is to ensure the collaboration and expand the experiences between desktops, phone, tablets, and other smart devices.

Right now, users having Android-powered devices are enjoying the best of Your Phone app. They can perform multiple tasks with absolute precision, which includes viewing notification, mirroring, replying to text messages and transferring images and videos by using the device’s Bluetooth network. For iOS users on the other hand, if they open Microsoft’s Edge Browser on their phone, they are only allowed to read web pages on their PC.

Despite multiple advantages of Your Phone App, users may still want to get rid of it, be it after a clean reinstallation of Windows 10 or considering the app as another useless application that is only occupying the memory space. Well, this alternative is now beyond the reach of Windows 10 users and the only escape remains from this app is to unpin it from either Start Menu or the Taskbar, because the fact of Your Phone app becoming a fundamental part of Windows 10 is indisputable.

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