Common mistakes to avoid while using Microsoft Office

Since Microsoft Office has a huge number of users who are deploying it every now and then, the chances of people committing mistakes while setting up Office on their device increases manifold with the same.

The points discussed in this article are the ones which are usually neglected at the end of the user and can be avoided if the user keeps some points in mind.

Although the Office has provided users with the opportunity to use its many services, users, on the other hand, cannot take advantage of its productivity suites by committing some silly mistakes. Because of its limitless capabilities for user collaboration and efficiency, people are driven to have it on their different devices.

What mistakes should Office users avoid?

You may find migrating or deploying Office setup via to be easy. But it is not as simple as it looks.

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There are a number of things that can go wrong while Office set up process. so without further delay, let’s discuss the most common mistakes which users commit and how they can be avoided.


The most important thing to be kept in mind while downloading any of the versions of MS Office on your device is to check for the location(the place where you are living in) where the data is to be stored. Since it is an important factor because the data storage location decides which Office services you can use and which not.

If you intentionally or unintentionally choose the wrong “Country” your Office data will be stored with the selected regions databases. The saddest part of this is that you cannot change the location once it is selected. This may also put you into major legality issues. For changing the location, all you can do is create a new account and transfer your data to it.


Although it is quite important to consider the type of the project report, the most critical part while deploying Office includes that you are taking into consideration the various needs of the user. This should be done at all levels and can be neglected only if you download a particular type of suite to fulfill their specific needs. In the end, it is the user who is going to use Office and if his demands are not met, it would be a waste of time and money.

To avoid this mistake, Organizations need to have an open-source of communication with their employees so that they could know what is required by the user and is he able to get what he desires because every Office application is not needed by each user. Therefore it is better to go Office suites.


At times, a situation arises when there is a need to shift your Physical office to a new place where everything is going to be new. If you do not make proper use of Office applications, then your age-old documents might seem messy and you won’t be able to choose which ones to keep and which ones to leave. If you carry the unnecessary documents along with you it will be a complete waste of time, space, and money.

This mistake could be avoided easily by making the proper use of applications and using a thorough content audit method. This way you can easily choose to form the required and unnecessary files.

Final Thoughts-

By avoiding these mistakes you can successfully make the best use of every Office application. Microsoft Office, if used to its fullest, can lead you to grow in your organization as well as stand ahead of many other organizations.