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Growth of a business depends upon how your partners and customers put in their efforts to make the work environment more inclusive. But the questions still persist that how can we work more effectively in order to empower everyone to raise their standards of creativity?

This could only be made possible with the use of tools offered by Microsoft Office 365. It provides us with such services that it makes employees love coming to work. Microsoft is associating notes and learning from these tools as it helps in building the same workforce required to improve the work environment.

The team of Microsoft has worked really hard from years to provide sustainable and diverse services that would attract people with disabilities to join hands with organizations. It has also trained managers to look at the positive sides of hiring both the persons who have visible as well as non-visible disabilities. These people tend to possess some special skills and Microsoft has paved the way for such persons to show and make use of their skills.

Creating a more accessible workplace for employees

Recently, Microsoft has announced the addition of a new feature in PowerPoint. This feature will make “live captions” and “subtitles” available so that people don’t find it difficult to understand. Microsoft is all set to add this feature to all the subscribers of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 as well. This feature will prove to be very fruitful in public meetings etc. as people could make use of this feature from their windows and Mac devices or directly from their web browsers.

These “live captions” and “subtitles” are available in more than 12 different languages and 60+ captions visible on-screen. This helps deaf people or people who are hard of hearing to engage them in significant team building activities. In addition to this, the universal and remote set of collaborators helps people who do not know the language of the presenter. These provisions make everybody feel that they are also a crucial part of the organization building a greater sense of belongingness in them.

Microsoft represents diversity needed to build innovative technologies

Microsoft frequently launches improved features to make its tools comply with the increasing needs of the work environment for employees with and without disabilities. This vision will reach the possibility only if customers from different parts of the world join hands with Microsoft. The main aim behind this vision is to provide employees with reliable and innovative technologies so that they can unleash their potential for delivering high-standards of performance. The employees also agree to the fact that Microsoft serves them as they ought to be served.

By summing up-

Microsoft 365 applications are accessible anywhere at any time. These applications help employees to learn while they collaborate on a project. Microsoft team works incessantly to build a working space that benefits employees, customers, big business organizations, and their partners.

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