Star Wars fan gets new Capital Supremacy mode in Star Wars Battlefront II

Star War fans, Brace yourself, as Capital Supremacy has been launched yesterday. The online shooter game “Star Wars Battlefront II” new mode is alive from March 26.

EA online shooter game manufacturing company is doing its best to keep the “Star Wars Battlefront II” fresh in their fans mind by launching Capital Supremacy game mode. Capital Supremacy is a clone wars-era game that integrates AI characters for the first time in Battlefront II competitive matches.

A round of capital Supremacy mode includes two phases, starting with a territorial control phase on the ground, and is followed by an invasion phase. The battle will be fought between two new rival reinforcement units, including infiltrator Republic class ARC troopers and Separatist BX Commando Droid, who are tasked to repel the invasion. The mode includes several clashes between the rival forces in capital supremacy that combines non-linear ground battles with thrilling invasions of capital ship and taking them down.

How does Capital Supremacy game mode works?

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During the Ground Battle Phase, players deploy in the tight environment of the battle and enter an open-ended warzone with blast fire. Two teams of 20 ground-based fighters are tasked to take control of the five major command posts and AI controlled troopers accompany them. Through the tickets added to player’s progress bar for better performances, the winning teams collect reinforcement if they manage to take control of all command posts. Once a team collects adequate reinforcements needed to launch a massive invasion, they’re declared winners in the ground battle and two incoming transport shuttles will arrive to drop them on next level. Players who manage to board the shuttle get additional tickets.

In the invasion phase, the strength of reinforcements depends on the quantity of tickets, which defines how much reinforcement force the attackers have at their disposal to invade the capital ship. EA describes, the defenders must do everything possible to prevent the attackers from building up reinforcements and supplying forces for upcoming invasion on capital ship.

Once the invasion is set in motion, players can attack or defend the capital ship from the inside depending on what side they choose to play. The ships are designed in the Clone wars-era factions, distributed between separatist commandos and Galactic Republic forces. Players on the side of attackers need to find their way into the ship’s hangar and breach the enemy defenses by overriding one of the security consoles. You need to set explosive charges and hold the defenders from defusing the bomb until it goes off. If attackers succeed, the team will have the cause to celebrate their victory. However, if defenders repel the invasion successfully, the battle goes back to the ground phase.

The new mode will incorporate all-new set of locations from Pipeline Junction West of Geonosis – along with republic attack capital ship interior models and Separatist Dreadnought.


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